Unique Product Features and Care Instructions


Purchasing this product means accepting a crack or a burst, an irregular surface, a different wood structure, and the fact that solid wood works. The particularities and differences in nature, an evolution in time and patina... The simplicity of nature itself.  These fluctuations do not constitute damage or defect – it is natural and reacts to weather fluctuations accordingly. These items are handmade out of old recycled teak & old and new oak.


VERY IMPORTANT! The furniture needs to be perfectly levelled. The wood stays more stable if there is a relative humidity between 60% and 65%. You can measure the humidity level using a hygrometer. The natural, oak grey and teak light are solid natural products. They haven’t been applied with any kind of protection yet. For indoor use we recommend Teak Protector Spray (TPS). On the contrary, teak fume cannot be protected by TPS, but needs to be polished or waxed.


Treatment for outdoor products: In complete conformity with the company’s philosophy, the wood cracks and burst. Teak natural, oak grey and teak light might turn grey when it is exposed to sunlight and rain. This is the nature of the timber and is not considered a defect. We therefore recommend you to wash it with natural liquid soap.


Cleaning guidelines -

Daily cleaning:
Regular vacuuming is recommended to maintain your carpet.  Depending on how heavy the traffic is, a thorough cleaning with a dry powder every 6 months is also recommended. Dry Wonder by Metsan (available at Pick& Pay) is our recommended dry powder cleaner.

Spills and Soiling:
As with all spills, speed in terms of blotting the spill is very important. Dab the spill and dry with paper towelling as quickly as possible. Remove solid substances using a knife or spoon, working from the outside towards the centre of the spill.

Never drench the carpet.  After cleaning, cover the wet spots with an absorbent cloth to remove all liquid.  Always try to dry as quickly as possible.  Do not walk on the treated area until it is completely dry.
This is a guideline only for maintaining your carpet. We take no responsibility for soiled carpets.



Always look at the pictogram and read the warning labels before burning a candle. Candles come with a living flame and can cause danger when mistreated.


The makeup of these candles is specified for outdoor use only!  We are not responsible for any damage caused when used indoors. Before using, please read the instructions or pictograms. The outdoor candles are not protected against direct sunlight, freezing temperatures or rain.


These items are completely handmade collection pieces; each piece is separately and carefully hand blown and each is therefore unique. The small differences and small irregularities underline the authenticity of the article and express the philosophy behind our whole collection.
Glass is however sensitive to temperature differences, fast cooling or heating may damage or even break the glass. We, therefore, advise extra care when handling glass.


The rattan in all designs is not treated chemically and produces a natural colour. Neither special protection nor a coating is applied, therefore protracted outside exposure will decrease the product’s lifetime and shape, becoming greyish in colour with exposure to the elements. In order to reduce this process, there are several ways for treatment (oil or TPS). This product is semi outdoor, which means that the product is designed for outdoor use including during summer. We do recommend use of rattan under a sheltered undercover area in order to prolong the life. Fabric should be kept undercover to prolong the life and colour fastness.

Poly Wicker:

This product is specifically manufactured for full outdoor use and may be left exposed without it changing shape or colour.

All upholstery should be kept covered to prolong the life and colour fastness.
*TPS: Teak Protection Spray


Natural stone is delivered in its natural state. For indoor use we recommend TPS to seal.
Beware that Carrara marble is only designed for indoor use.
Stone is breakable – we advise extra care when handling.

*TPS: Teak Protection Spray